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Short-Term Missions - FAQ's

What is DM?
DeNike Ministries exists to help support local pastors to fulfill their visions. This is accomplished by providing the necessary resources, both spiritual and physical. Entering their 16th year of ministry the vision has not changed. Based on Matthew 28:18-20 "Go…teach, baptize and equip…", they continue to establish, mature and share Christ's Love to a hurting world.

What is a Mission Trip?
DeNike Ministries offers an opportunity for groups or individuals to participate in a short-term mission trip experience. This is a time to interact with the local church, meet new friends and demonstrate their Love for the Kingdom of God.

Why partner with DM?
DeNike Ministries is an agency dedicated to encouraging Christians to become involved in missions. Most of our projects are facilitated in Mexico making it accessible to the churches in the United States.  DeNike Ministries is well established and acquainted with many of the local nationals.

What can I expect to happen?
Besides meeting new friends your perspective on life will change. You go expecting to serve but you realize how much more you will be blessed.

What Types of trips do you offer?
DeNike Ministries base all of their mission trips on the needs of the local church.  Construction projects are common, but not always a complete house. Groups have been known to build a roof on an existing home, add a room on or simply help several families in a church with much needed repairs. Community outreach projects are also encouraged. Following these events a church building is usually built.

How are the needs determined?
DeNike Ministries conduct numerous on-going assessment trips into Mexico to meet with the pastors they work with and determine their needs.  Later they share these needs with interested groups and then match the requests with the group.

What is the expected cost?
Because of the variety of projects the cost is determined once the groups decide on a project. DeNike Ministries does not want any group not to be able to experience a mission trip, therefore, they are flexible when organizing these projects. The 24 x 24,576 sq. ft. house is a standard cost of $6,500. This includes all materials to construct and finish a much needed home for a family. You can take them from a cardboard to a beautiful house that will last for years.

For we are God's fellow Workers." I Corinthians 3:9

Let DeNike Ministries customize your next missions project.

We can help you put your talents and resources to work to benefit the Kingdom of God.

DeNike Ministries Facts Sheet

The years 1992-2005:


  • Traveled 300,108 miles
  • 74 Mission Groups
  • 1,084 Participants - building or repairing homes and churches. Participating in evangelistic projects.
  • 32 sets of the "Vision" training videos in churches or training centers throughout Mexico.
  • Facilitated the starting of 12 "Schools of biblical Training" in Mexico, Kenya and the United States.
  • Delivered tons of supplies
  • 220,000 Tracts
  • 21,650 Bibles
  • 1,541 Hygienic packets
  • 4,238 School packets
  • 60,500 lbs. Clothing / Shoes
  • 73,368 lbs. Food
  • Plus - building materials, household items, toys, blankets, chicken plucker and Braille writer.


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