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Added on October 26, 2017
Christmas Packets and Christmas Party For Juarez, Mexico
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Added on October 26, 2017
School Packets for Juarez, Mexico
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Added on October 26, 2017
Church Dedication in Kisumu; Kenya
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School Supplies

Bibles in Swahili

Christmas Gift Packets

Christmas Gift Packets:
Adult’s List-
Note Book
Comb or Brush
Toothbrush and Toothpaste
2 pairs of Socks for men’s
Special gift for the women’s packet
Small bag of candy

Children’s List
Coloring Book and Crayons or
Construction paper and colored pencils
Bottle of Bubbles
Toothbrush and Toothpaste
Small gift for a boy or girl
Small bag of candy

Additional Supplies:
These are items that we can add to the Children’s packets depending on the occasion.
Wrapped Candy – used for many events.

Toys – Misc. Small items, cars, puzzles, jacks, balls, punch balls, play dough

  • To be handed out to the children (orphanage or church) stuffed animals for all ages, baby dolls, race cars, paint or craft kits, etc.
    Other items: socks, under wear, warm caps, hair ribbons etc.

When shopping for these items we found the dollar stores had a lot to choose from at low price. We have no problem with used toys in excellent condition. I am sure you understand that we want the gift to look like new.

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