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Christmas Gift Packets

School Supplies

Every year we try to keep over 600 children in school by helping their parents with the children school packets. There are two ways you can help - One provide a financial donation for DeNike Ministries to purchase the supplies or two - construct your own packet from the list below.

Choose one of the following list and place the exact number and type of items in a zip-lock bag.

List for Elementary School children.
       2 - Spiral Note books
       4 - Pencils    1 - Pencil Sharpener
       1 - Eraser      1 - pair of Scissors
       1 - Box of 24 count Crayons
       2 - Stick Glue or 1 School Glue
       1 - Ruler   1 - Small bag of candy

List for Jr or High School children:
       2 - Composition Books (Black and White)
       2 - Pens      1 - Eraser
       2 Pencils    1 - Pencil Sharpener
       1 - Ruler      1 - Color Pencils
       1 - Compass  1 - small bag of candy

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