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What we Do

We believe Christians must do everything possible to evangelize and assist others in the spreading of the Good News! To facilitate this, DeNike Ministries emphasizes responsible servant roles by offering short-term construction and evangelism projects in Mexico to any interested church groups.  Construction projects are commonplace in this outreach and evangelism projects are encouraged.

It is hoped that such "hands-on" short-term mission projects will help foster permanent mission outreach programs with the sponsoring congregations. Thus, building a relationship between the churches in Mexico with those in the United States.

We can help put your talents and resources to work to benefit the Kingdom of God. Together we can make a difference! Let DeNike Ministries customize your next missions project!

Unable to join us on a mission trip?
Through DeNike Ministries you too may have the opportunity as a church group, family, or individual to help assist pastors in Mexico by providing the resources for them to share the "Good News" of Jesus Christ.

Spiritual Resources: Bibles (both written and on cassette), Bible tracts, blank dvd's, and Christian videos.

Physical Resources: Food, hygiene packets, school supplies, blankets, and clothing. Financial support is also welcome (Tax deductible, of course).

Let DeNike Ministries customize your next missions project.  Together we can make a difference!


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