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Equip, Encourage and Empower


Frank and Bernice DeNike conduct numerous on-going assessment trips into Mexico in an effort to determine what the significant needs are within the church communities. They are partners with several Mexican nationals, whose ministries scatter throughout the country.

These ministries include: Pastor Javier Castrejon at the Agua Viva (Living Water) Rehabilitation Facility in Juarez, Pastor Eufrasio Perez in Tecate, Pastor Fausto Meraz in Tijuana, Pastor Carlos Chacon in Juarez, and Pastor Zephaniah Orao in Kenya.

Once the needs have been determined, the DeNikes then visit with interested churches in the United States to help determine their specific mission interest. It is within the scope of their ministry to accompany groups to the Mexican mission field to help with the practical application of Christian witness.


Deming, New Mexico is where the home office of Denike Ministries is located. However, we serve other Mexican Church Alliances with headquarters in these locations:



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