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Pastor Fausto Meraz and his wife Maria are the founders of Iglesia Fuente de Agua Viva (Fountain of Living Water Church) in Tijuana, Mexico.

Brief History:
Fausto and Maria both came to know the Lord while living in San Diego, Ca.. As they began to grow and learn they began to realize that God was calling them to minister to the people of Mexico. The only way that they could effectively do this would be to move back to Mexico.

After much prayer the decision was made and a church was soon meeting in their home in a small community just outside of Tijuana. As the church grew they were able to purchase property for the new church building. The work was slow but the building was completed.

Every day available members would come and pray for their church and the surrounding areas. It was now time to begin reaching out into other communities, but this time there was plenty of help from many of the church members who were eager to share their faith in Jesus Christ.

As a result of their efforts two mission churches were started in the past ten years.One of the biggest problems that they have encountered is the lack of space. The church buildings are too small for the size of the congregations. A problem that many churches would love to encounter.

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