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Pastor Eufrasio and Maria Perez partnering with DeNike Ministries for 17 years. They have the heart for Church Planting.

Brief History:
Eufrasio was born into a Christian family and accepted the Lord at the age of 13. This is when he experienced God’s call on his life. His calling was into full time service. He graduated from Bible Institute in 1979. From that time through 1981 the Lord guided him into the interior of Mexico to service as an assistant pastor. After one year he became the main pastor, the first experience as pastor. In August 1981 the Bible Institute called him back to be a full time teacher.

Maria and I rented a house and right there in the neighborhood we started to share God’s Word. The neighbors started to accept the Lord as personal Savior. Every Tuesday afternoon we made meetings in the living room of the house we rented and more and more people started to gather at out home. Because so many people were coming our little house filled and there was no room for more. Maria and I decided that it was time to look for a place to establish a church. This was the beginning of our ministry of Church Planting. This is the main church called Boulevard Baptist Church.

Since that time with the help of church members the Lord has helped us plant churches in southeast Tecate; Ebene-zer Church in 1989. In 1995 God provided another place to plant a church, west of the city it became known as Rincon Church. In 1999 another new church near Tijuana called Maclovio Rojas Church. Now we are looking to plant another church in San Luis, Sonora.

Helping to Accomplish the Visions:
We give glory to our heavenly Father for Frank and Bernice because He has sent this special couple to serve Him in Mexico and to heal and provide so many special blessings to our life and ministry. Year after year we have known them as “DeNike Ministries”. They have helped to build houses for the poor in Mexico, bring tons of food, clothes, shoes, medicine, Bibles, New Testament, tracks and school supplies for the poor. They have helped to purchase land for our churches. At the same time helped to build chapels and parsonage and classrooms for our churches. God has used them and is still using them tremendously in Mexico.

The Vision for 2007:
We still dream to see more souls for the Lord and plant more churches in Mexico. Also we want to see more mature Christians in the churches in order to accomplish God’s commandments. This is the reason we continue preaching, teaching God’s Word and disciple more Christians. We want to see more sanctuaries, more help for the poor, more Bibles, New Testaments, school supplies for the poor and more land to plant churches according to His kindness. With God’s help and partnering with DeNike Ministries we believe this can be accomplished.

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