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Javier Castrejon and his wife Hortensia run the Agua Viva Centro de rehabilitacion (Living Water Rehabilitation Center) for drug addicts and alcoholics in Juarez, Mexico. The first center was started 23 years ago when Javier was released from prison.

Brief History:
Upon his release he started a street ministry to reach drug addicts and alcoholics for the Lord. Hortensia never knew who he was going to be bringing home. As time passed land was donated south of the city in the middle of nowhere and people said he was crazy to go out there. One small building made out of pallets was the start of Agua Viva Ministerios de Mexico.

Much has changed since that time. The ministry has grown to 30 centers for men and  women, 17 churches and 1 orphanage throughout  13 states of Mexico.  Pastor Javier's goal is to witness to every drug addict and alcoholic in Mexico.We can see this goal being accomplished through his desire and love for God.

Men and women come with no hope, no reason to live and no place to go. Everyone has given up on them. Then, they hear of Agua Viva and realize someone cares. They are taken in, cared for, and given a reason to live. Over the years, hundreds have been brought through the gates, but not all have completed the program. The 40% that do have found a new life in Jesus Christ.

DeNike Ministries has been a help for us as much in a spiritual way as an economic way , (Building houses and churches).  They help us to celebrate our children by giving them gifts at Christmas. and they also teach seminars for pastors, leaders and marriages.

The Lord has blessed our partnership with each other and we have worked together to further the Lords kingdom. Much has been accomplished and we know God has more for us to do as we continue to grow in obedience through wisdom and maturity.

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