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Juarez 2        

Pastor Carlos Chacon and his wife Emma are the founders of Ministerios Wesleyanos. He is also the Pastor of Iglesia Metodista in the community of Plazuela de Acuna, and the former director of 2 of our ISOM schools in Juarez.

Brief History:
We have not done anything extraordinary in our ministry. All we do is share our lives with the people; we meet with them and become their friends until their wounds are healed. We do this in many different ways. For instance through Medical Crusades, Food Distribution, ESL classes ( English second language), Blankets and clothes distribution, Guitar lessons, Women’s ministry (female guest speaker once a month), Route 10-16 (designed for boys and girls ages 10-16), Saturday and Sunday feeding program, Sunday Service and Building homes for needy families.

Helping to Accomplish the Visions:
DeNike Ministries has equipped me and my collaborators through Biblical Counseling Foundation conferences; the distribution of books and through videos produced by ISOM. Partnering with DeNike Ministries has provided our ministry the resources we needed to effectively reach my people for the Kingdom of God.

The Vision for 2007:
Our dreams and expectations for 2007 are bigger than ever. First of all, we want to consolidate the Plazuela de Acuña project. We also want to plant from 2 to 4 new churches in other parts of the city during this year. Frank and Bernice are a very important to us, without their friendship and knowledge we would not know what to do. We need the experience of DeNike Ministries to help with the master plan for the Plazuela de Acuña ministries. We need them to direct the project building process, and coordinate dates with missionary teams, as well as to help build these new churches we will be establishing. As our ministry grows, we need the DeNikes to equip and encourage our new collaborators.

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