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Bishop Zephaniah O. Orao, is the founder of New Wine Emmanuel Shalom Ministry (News Ministry). This ministry is located in Kisumu, Kenya and has been established for 4 1/2 years. They have partnered with DeNike Ministries for 3 years.

Brief History:
While serving the Lord in one of the major church denominations here in Kenya as the General Secretary, the Lord strongly put it in my heart to tender my resignation and major in areas of our country that are either under evangelized or not at all evangelized. These areas include Masai, Turkana and Samburu among others who are generally nomadic tribes of Kenya. The Lord has also put in our hearts to concentrate on rural areas where evangelistic crusades, open air meetings, Christian seminars are rare unlike the cities. The Lord has graciously honored His Word and stood with us. We now have over 100 congregations in the last 3 1/2 years most of which are in these under evangelized regions. The Lord has also taken us to the neighboring country of Uganda where we have over 20 congregations. We owe our Heavenly Father much gratitude, praise and worship for what He is allowing us to experience. This growth posses a major challenge, and that is of training leaders to equip the saints.
Helping to Accomplish Visions:
I continually give God the glory for bringing DeNike Ministries on our way. He introduced our ministry to International School of Ministry (ISOM), which has become a tool of honor in our ministry. By the help of DeNike Ministries and the learning tools he provided, our main headquarter church members enrolled for the Training and 26 graduated and are now actively involved in the Ministry. Some of them help with the preaching in our churches around the region which some teach Bible Study classes in the churches. One graduate is proceeding to South Africa for further Theological training having been motivated by ISOM class.

The DeNike Ministries have gone ahead as far as providing our Ministry with tools to have the school started in three more centers. What a miracle!!! This is helping us a lot in accomplishing our vision to train church leaders to equip the saints. Our hearts are motivated to move to all other regions where we have churches. Currently our headquarter center is on again with students coming from at least four denominations. Through DeNike Ministries we are reaching the lost.

The Vision for 2007:
The year 2007 is going to be a year of Great Increase. We desire to increase in our commitment, love and service unto the Lord as He increases His acts of Grace upon our lives. Amongst the things we are trusting God to use us to accomplish for His own Honor and Glory are:

1. Paying off land purchase which we have already identified in a very prime area of the city of Kisumu where we can eventually build the ISOM Regional office to serve the entire Nation of Kenya and beyond where we shall acquire license to operate. The vendor’s demand for final payment of the balance of Kshs. 2 million ($29,000) is very urgent and we are looking to God for miraculous provision.

2. Our Dream for 2007 is that this year the Lord will help us equip ISOM office with new computer, CD/DVD duplicator, cabinet shelves for filling. That the Lord will give us full time Programme Director for consistency in supervision and reporting. That the Lord will equip five more schools.

3. We also do see the need for digital video camera to help in documenting the programme and sending as immediate as possible to our partners in ISOM Progress – for update and information.

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